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Today we had a full house! Eighteen young people showed today eager to make their next move. Ranging in age of 6-15 these kids are serious about learning the game. tś amazing how many people will show up when you create something they have been looking for in a place where it has never been. Our intermediate players have been playing chess for as much as 7 years. At the Board Room Chess we are eager to create safe spaces where our kids can gather and enjoy activities that promote positive influence, learning, teamwork and making great decisions.

Our beginners worked with coach Thomas and received tips on how to remember how to remember placement on the board:

The Knight guards the Castle,

the Queenś shoes always matches her dress.

white to the right during setup.

While our beginners were learning basic fundamentals, our intermediates receive tips from International Chess Champion William Morris. They reviewed openings and discussed chess phrases such as:

the fifty move rule, a draw where both players make 50 moves consecutively without either player advancing a pawn or making a capture.

J’adoube, a term used to warn your apponent that you are about to adjust a piece that may be out of place on the board.

Stalemate, a position in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check, resulting in a draw.

International Chess Champion William Morrison gives pointers and direction as our intemediate players challenge each other.

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Well week two and plans change. We had a few newcomers so we decided to review the moves of each piece and how to setup our chess board. These kids are destined to be great. We disgusted how each peace has itś own amount of power. Although the pawn is the smallest piece on the board, it has the capability of winning the game if strategically played. Our kids can win at life also if decisions are calculated and thought through carefully. In the game of chess there is always the possiblity of promoton for the pawn. Our children look forward to promotion as well. As we teach the game of chess we make strong emphasis on making good choices, thinking before you move and considering the outcome of each decision. We must not allow circumstances and wrong decisions place us in check or worse checkmate.

These beginners practice at making the right moves with each chess piece.

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Day one of our first sessions was a great success. Our agenda included learning the board, the pieces and their moves. For beginners, our students did very well. The grabbed the concept of white rook a1 or white to the right as easy ways to remember board placement. Each student created a diagram of each chess figure and drew directional arrows showing the directions in which each piece is allowed to move. True artist!

We discussed dreams and aspirations, because every Pawn aspires to be a Queen. Members told of hopes of becoming a fashion designer, singer, game designer and even a designer of toy dolls.. That's amazing, these individuals truly put thought to what they would like for their future to hold as self employed designers, performers and artist.

As we enjoyed a lunch of pizza, lemonade and cinnabons, we associated the game of chess with life experiences. As beginners, they are taught the strengths, role and movement of each piece, as well as their worth. Even the Pawn has worth. We discussed the importance of thinking through every decision, planning and reviewing your options before jumping out and making a quick decision. Just as the role of each piece is to protect and guard their King, our role in life is to guard our hearts. Good choices, right decisions and timely planning are all a part of chess and life.

Next week we look forward to watching the movie 'Queen of Katwe'.

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